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Jodhpur Sandstone: Characteristics, Uses & Applications, Cost, Where To Find & Why Is Stone Famous.

Jodhpur is known for its beautiful sites such as historical places, monuments, buildings, lavish homes and residential properties. But is it really about the architecture, or is it something else? While every design of the home is unique, two things remain the same: the Jodhpur sandstone and its texture. 

Of course, the soil of every region is different, and the deposits of soil in sedimentary form make the sandstone, which is geological science. But this brings us to the interesting concept that the beautiful color of Jodhpur sandstone in its white and red hue is because of the soil, but what is it about the sandstone that makes people prefer it over other sandstones? Let’s know in this write-up.

Qualities And Characteristics Of Jodhpur Sandstone

Some of the most intriguing characteristics of the Jodhpur sandstone are its rigidity and robust nature, which can withstand changing intensity of sunlight and still shine like new and never fade.

  • It is easy to clean and does not need high maintenance.
  • You can wash it with water and wipe it to regain its shine.
  • It does not get easily torn out and will therefore remain intact for years.

Uses And Applications Of Jodhpuri Sandstone 

When it comes to Jodhpur sandstone applications, it is best known for roofing and exterior home boundaries. But nowadays, the Jodhpur sandstone is used in various places, even in the home, such as:

  • Using it in place of normal brick walls. For pillars or for outer boundaries, it can fit anywhere.
  • If you are reluctant to follow the old ways and just want a tint of Jodhpur sandstone to elevate the ambience, then try to build an entrance with Jodhpur sandstone.
  • You can make niches, furniture, and even flooring out of Jodhpur sandstone.
  • If you are ready to make a swimming pool, fountain, or garden in your home, then the Jodhpur stone will be the best option for you as it is corrosion-free and water-resistant as well.

Cost Of Jodhpur Sandstone (Chittar)

It is found in deep deposits, and the cost of the Jodhpur sandstone can go to INR 60 to INR 600 per square foot and above, depending upon the quality and the contractor or dealer of the stone. 

There are several other types of Jodhpur sandstone, such as pink, brown, or deep stone texture, and the prices will depend upon those characteristics. Jodhpur sandstone is also known to be a small derivative of quartz. Many residential properties in Jodhpur are built with this stone.

In fact, the famous Umaid Bhawan Palace is also made up of this stone. Hence, it is also called Chittar Palace.

Why Is Jodhpur Stone Famous Among Other Sandstones?

Now that we have understood its qualities and uses, let us understand why it is famous. For centuries, the rajas and maharajas have left their mark on Jodhpur sandstone by using it as a primary building material in their forts, havelis, and even graves. 

All the beautiful and historic places in Jodhpur, such as temples, forts, and tourist spots, are made of Jodhpur stone, as somewhere it showcases the royal status and the resemblance of royalty.

The red color of the Jodhpur sandstone comes from the level of iron oxide, which is also responsible for rusting and corrosion. Similarly, as iron reacts with oxygen to form the compound ferrous oxide and rust iron-made objects that corrode with redness, the deposits of sand with iron as the core mineral change color from pink to red to brown when exposed to oxygen. 

And, because it is abundant but requires proper equipment to extract from mines and deposits, the quality of refinement varies according to the dealers. The low quality of sandstone will appear with little to no texture, whereas the good quality of Jodhpur stone will have textures and a raw look, which is easy to identify.

Where You Can Find The Jodhpur Sandstone?

You can always contact or find them online to contact. Jodhpur has many direct dealers who can give you different types of sandstone depending upon your choices and requirements. 

Also, the negotiations are not readily acceptable, but some of the groups in Jodhpur are known to deliver 100% pure Jodhpur sandstone while ensuring the quality and durability of the stone.

Jodhpur sandstone can be purchased for as little as INR 60 per square foot. Although it is recommended that you do not choose the lowest quality if you are using it to build a house, the lower the price, the more likely the stone will break apart during construction. 

But if you are looking for a manual place to look for the Jodhpur sandstone, then you must find it in the northern areas of the city or exteriors; the Nagaur-Khatu road can also be tracked for the Jodhpur sandstone.

Other Famous Sandstones Found In Rajasthan

The Jodhpur sandstone is now in recent trends and is appreciated by architects for its antique yet contemporary appeal. The times might have changed, but as we see around us in Jodhpur city, we see the beauty of simple sandstone monuments constructed as never-forgetting figures. 

There are few more sandstones that are equally appreciated and used in Rajasthan, such as the yellowish sandstone of Jaisalmer, Kota stone with its earthy texture, Dhoplur sandstone with its prominent texture and red color, Bhilwara sandstone with its mesmerizing gray hues, and of course, Jodhpur sandstone.

When these all-sandstone materials are used to construct different areas of a building, they can bring out the true aesthetic of Rajasthan. The sandstones of Rajasthan are definitely strong, but they are beautiful as well. And as compared to marbles and tiles, which are not medically equipped for our feet, these sandstones are actually good options for opting for a healthy lifestyle as well. 

And as the stones need little to no maintenance, such as marble polishing or painting walls every year, these will last a long time with you. You can make it a long-term investment for your house that you intend to keep intact.

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